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    Meet BSPVis. This tool is a tool created by our very own PistonMiner. It reads heatmap data from our official servers and shows it off in a three-dimensional window alongside all of the important entities contained within the level you're viewing. It will let us take the data from any game mode and edit the map entities in order to combat problematic areas within our levels. We will be collecting and processing a lot of data in the next beta release, which is approaching shortly.

    The data from these heatmaps is read from here (links to:, which dumps the data from everyone's kills inside of our maps into spreadsheets showing the killer's location, the time of the kill, and the unfortunate victim's location.
    The heatmap is then generated.

    This works with any map on any game mode.
    This is the 2D generated heatmap for DM_Wiseau.

    This is the 3D view from BSPVis. The mercenary spawns, weapon spawns, item entities and heatmap data are all visible. You can toggle between showing killer location and victim location.

    This allows us to immediately visualize areas that are prone to frequent camping. In the above screenshot, we noticed that players seem to grab the supershotgun, run to the ladder, and kill enemies from behind a lot. With the approach of the second wave beta, we are putting ourselves in the best position we can to capture all the relevant data we need to have a full release.

  2. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    God this looks awesome, I wasn't even impressed until i saw the 3D view. But god damn son, this should help out alpha and beta maps a lot.
  3. m8 to m8

    m8 to m8 Noob

    The future is coming.
  4. Trittyburd

    Trittyburd DMC Tester DMC Tester

    Does this mean I won't be running in circles, hunting people? Thank god. Also, the 3D heat map looks cool and is actually really accurate.
  5. Do you get your data from official servers or is it available on all servers?
  6. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

    official servers
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