Top 8 new Disney Princesses (Bought from Fox)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Statboy, Feb 7, 2018.

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    I'm sure you are all wondering, with Disney buying out 20 Century Fox's TV and Movies, what old characters are now Disney Princesses. Well fear not fellow vaultlings for I have decided to do something useful with the better part of 20 minutes and make this list of the top 8 Disney Princesses bought from Fox.

    Number 8:
    Susan Cooper; Melissa McCarthy in Spy
    Look at concentration on her face, the way she holds the gun ready to fire. Modern Disney embodies the self saving princess, hell they invented it and nobody has done it better.
    Number 7:
    Princess Leia; Star Wars
    Well this is awkward, everything said about number 8 is true here, only Leia did it first and did it better. Down to the determined look of concentration.
    Number 6:
    The Baby; Alien
    Self saving princess who don't need no man here we go. The Alien that pops out of Ripley in Alien is everything a Disney princess should be. Not caught up in looks, born ready to go.
    Number 5:
    Lucy; Peanuts
    That's right, Disney now owns Peanuts, and erm well, this is awkward, I have nothing sarcastic here. Lucy would actually make a good modern Disney princess. ROCK ON LUCY!!
    Number 4
    Cherry Darling; Rose McGowan in Planet Terror
    Nothing says "Don't need no man" like a freaking full auto on your leg. The only question is what did she flex to fire?
    Number 3:
    Big Momma; Big Momma's house
    You knew the strong independent woman of color was going to be high on this list. Big Momma is everything a little girl should aspire to be.
    Number 2:
    Corporal Maxwell Klinger; M*A*S*H*
    The grace, the beauty, the dignity, the tiara, how could this princess only be number 2 on the list?
    Number 1:
    Mrs. Doubtfire; Mrs. Doubtfire
    Could anything top this Disney Princess? The best princess 20th Century Fox ever made is now in the hands of Disney. I for one want her at every Disneyland and Disney World.
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