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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Arron Dominion, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Arron Dominion

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    Hello everyone!

    I want to try out the Ready, Steady Pan 6v6 frying pan (with occasional food items/jumpers) tournament that is happening either starting January or this Summer, and formed a team with Sceptile. For those who are not familiar with 6v6, the typical maps are KOTH, 5 CP, and Attack-Defend CP with similar rules to the setup of current competitive for capture sets or stop-watch.

    The current thought is to have a day, typically on Tuesday (unless if that does not work for all players) at 9:30 pm EST (8:30 pm CST and 6:30 pm PST) to go over the map and have a fun 6v6 on the map, with Friday at 8:30 pm EST for a gather for a 9 pm EST match, which may start as late as 45 min late.

    Currently the roster is sitting at 8 out of 12, with two listed on the steam page as regular ringers. Here is the steam page, which contains information both on the team and more Ready, Steady, Pan information:

    We are still looking for players to fill out the roster, so message me via either pm or Steam if you are interested. Also guaranteed to play in matches if you want to.
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  2. Arron Dominion

    Arron Dominion Achievement Hunter

    Bumping this thread to see if there is any interest.
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