[Minecraft] Uberly Faster Quarry >.<

Discussion in 'Archives' started by tigar, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    So i finally got to the point in my legit world where i can run and build quarry's at 90% speed and a 64x64 big quarry every row takes 10 seconds so 10 minutes and 40 seconds every level.
    So going from the average world level of 64 that would take around 12 hours to reach bedrock.

    That is quite fast if you ask me compared to the old quarry's 35 hours plus its a lot less resource hungry then it used to be and the quarry's support frame decays once its done makes it quite a nice machine to have.

    The reason it took me 2 weeks before i got my first quarry is because im using gregtech hard mode which requires you to use a diamond drill to make a quarry next to a lot of chipsets and the diamond drill needs titanium which is made with 50 million eu a bar so that takes quite a while to get to the point where i can dump 50 million eu at a decent rate into a machine that only takes 512 a tick but it is worth it.
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