Ugc Allstars Matches 1/7-9/13

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Anonymous 72, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Hey guys, thought I'd make this post to advertise the UGC Allstars matches! There's 5 matches I think, but only 3 of them are North American.

    The three matches, one for Steel, one for Silver, and one for Platinum, will be played from January 7th to the 9th. They will be casted by eXtv and are pug style, so each medic will pick in an ABBAABBA format, where A is the first medic and B is the second medic. Here are the players for each division.

    Steel-January 7, 2013
    Scouts: TronPaul and Oil
    Soldiers: DrDuke and Stopitdad
    Pyros: Johnny and FemmeFatale
    Demomen: Block and Ubiquitous
    Heavies: Player1 and Jay
    Engineers: RedRum and Fury
    Medics: Mamboulay and Mariposa
    Snipers: Blade and Argo
    Spies: WiLD and Faan

    Silver-January 8, 2013
    Scouts: Lambert and PussyCocaine
    Soldiers: thecoupe and Moose
    Pyros: RawrSpoon and YumOJ
    Demomen: X. and Deadbolt
    Heavies: Roth and Pretzel
    Engineers: Spamfest and Niko Jimz
    Medics: Seras Victorias and Sir PotsNPans
    Snipers: Paragon and PhAZE
    Spies: Fennec and Elemezuke

    Platinum-January 9, 2013
    Scouts: Ruwin :3 and Br0nze
    Soldiers: Skarlett and Vhalin
    Pyros: Monochromatic Bunny and Huey Lewis
    Demomen: Collide and Rikachu
    Heavies: Polk and Arthur
    Engineers: Dave+ and cuabesidelincoln
    Medics: Overseer and Firefly
    Snipers: Jake and Max!
    Spy: Hei and Noko


    So as you can notice, I'm in the allstar so I'm totally advertising for you guys to watch! It'll be great fun to see the best of each division to fight against each other. I'll give more information as it comes closer.
  2. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    Go Rawr, Noko and Jake hope the 3 of you so great :)
  3. English

    English Global Mod

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