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    Howdy! You may have noticed certain lack of updates during the past few days but don't worry, next one is around the corner.

    There are going to be quite a few interesting additions, I'd like to highlight 2 of them. First of all, a new game mode called Break Bad is meant to be included as some sort of public beta. This means it still needs further development and will change a bit over the time but the only way to take it further at this point is testing it extensively.

    The second addition I'd like to remark is the official support for 32 slot maps. Some server admins 'hacked' 32 slot support in the past and it resulted in some undesirable results that I don't want to repeat, so there will be a few restrictions. Only some officials maps will be declared as 32 slot capable, Fistful and CrippleCreek to be more exact. Also, Break Bad will be the only compatible game mode, this restriction may be lifted in the future though.

    Additionally, there will be added a 12 slot map rotation. This means that FoF will receive smaller maps in the future and those only will load when a dedicated server is set to 12 slots or less. Smaller maps are easier to create and fit different purposes than bigger ones, so I'm hoping this new feature will be worth.

    Next update will be released tomorrow unless something unexpected happens.

    Fistful of Frags Competitive League.

    You may or may not hear about this, but there's a league taking place right now. They use Teamplay mode in their matches, which was created with competitive gameplay in mind. If you are interested in participating or following them please head over their Steam community group. Here's some action in tp_forest: youtube

    Break-ing Bad.

    Break Bad is a combat oriented game type, loosely based on death-match rules, where players spawn without any weapon or melee capabilities. Killing unarmed players is penalized with fines or jail time. However, as soon an unarmed player purchase a weapon (or get it from the cold hands of another player), becomes a target and their head is worth good money.

    Unlike Shootout game modes, Break Bad features a team goal: being the richest team at map's end. Total team cash increases each time one of its members earn some cash. Team cash won't diminish unlike player cash, which gets removed when player purchases guns or gets fined, let's say it's just the total earnings over a single map. There are several ways to earn money:

    - kill enemy players: if victim's kill count is higher than attacker count then reward is higher, or the opposite...
    - loot delivery: take loot from place to place. Killing a loot carrier also involves a special reward.
    - weapon sales: players can exchange all their weapons for cash at certain places.

    While this sounds pretty straightforward, increasing your team cash may involve complex strategies such as using your cash surplus to buy weapon in special buy zones (cheaper than normal buy method) and trading them again for more cash at 'disarm zones'.

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