Using 2 different networks simultaneously on a computer to download?

Discussion in 'Tech Chat' started by lonesome killer, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I have 2 wireless networks available. I would like to have the computer connect to them both so I can download large files and play games at the same time (or download 2 different files) without slowing down on just 1 connection. Is this possible? What about if I made the connections hardwired? I saw it might be doable using a virtual machine installed but I'm not sure how much resources that would take.

    I did look online for help first, but every thread I found turned into nerd debate topics on how little the other posters knew about how DHCP and network connections and blah blah were handled on a computer.
  2. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC (One-man Show) VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester TF2L developer

    It depends entirely how things are configured.

    Where are these two wireless networks coming from? The same router or two different ones? Do they both have *SEPARATE* connections to an ISP?

    What you're looking to do is called load-balance your connection. It's often done "in reverse" by commercial grade routers (e.g. one domain/IP serving a website can be "answered" by whichever of a series of computers on the other side is least occupied.

    Whether it will apply or even work with single file downloads depends on the site you're downloading from. Many file hosts require premium accounts to download multiple streams simultaneously or start from somewhere other than the beginning of the file. (look for terms like download accelerator support, parallel downloads, download resume).

    If you can tell us a bit more about the specifics behind these two connections and how things are set up, I can probably guide you in the right direction.
  3. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I have of course my main home internet. I also have internet on my cell phone that I can create a hot spot from. Sometimes the neighbors routers are in range. But it would most likely always be my home internet and cell phone.

    What I would like would be to do something like League of Legends while Steam updates or I download a new game. Or play a game while torrenting.
  4. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC (One-man Show) VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester TF2L developer

    at the very least you'd need a second wireless card to maintain both connections (unless your phone lets you USB tether). From there you just need to figure out how to use multiple network connections simultaneously. From what I can find you'll need to use third party software for this and use that to configure each program's outgoing connection. It doesn't look like there's native windows support for shared, e.g. downloading the same file via two connections.
  5. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I'm not looking to download the same file. I want 2 different files on 2 different connections. This seems like it's more complicated than what it's worth.
  6. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC (One-man Show) VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester TF2L developer

    Unless you want to spend cash on a commercial grade router that can do this automatically... yes.
  7. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Or maybe I'll look into torrent apps for Android and just download over my cell network.

    heh this reminds me. We had a couple Apple sales reps that try to of course sell customers Mac products. There's always someone who has no better thing to do than to start an argument in the store over why one system is superior to another. One customer was walking by and the Apple reps asked if they had any questions about Apple products. He said "No, iPad is junk. They don't allow you to torrent. That's why Android's better." And it's true. I just google'd iPad torrent and it seems they just got a torrent client the beginning of August this year.
  8. Reechard

    Reechard Server Admin VF4-S (Server Operator) Minecraft Operator Staff Member Minecraft Admin

    If you're using your mobile/portable device to *torrent*, then I feel bad for you. That's not even in the top 50 things I do with a tablet/phone...
  9. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    It's nice to torrent on the go. Have your home internet downloading one thing and download something else while you're at work. But yeah, basing your buying decision on being able to torrent on a mobile device is silly.
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