VaultF4's GMod Cinema Madness!

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    Greetings Vault Dwellers! I am pleased to unveil our very own, one and only, ultra-premium Garry's Mod Cinema server! This is currently in semi-beta and testing mode, and we plan on adding additional plugins into the server to give players their very own theater-centric items! popcorn! drinks! Eventually we hope to have donator perks including custom popcorn skins and private VIP lounges for donators only! Donators may also receive LIGHTSABERS!

    For now though, please, beat the heck out of this box! Tell your friends! Tell your loved ones! Multiplayer YouTube for EVERYONE!

    There are currently 4 "private" theaters for smaller audiences and 2 larger public theaters. Videos can be queued from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Livestream, Blip, and Reddit Videos. The server is configured for vote-skipping in the large theaters, and the private theaters can be toggled by the first person in to either be a private queue with them in control, or toggled to the same voteskip public queue as the main theaters. All user functions can be controlled with either "TAB" or "Q". Once you are in a theater, hold Q and click "Request Video". Click around the browser until you find the video you want to watch, and click "Request URL" at the top. This adds your video to the queue. Holding Q also lets you vote to skip the current video (majority rules, no butthurt allowed), put the video on fullscreen, and re-sync the video with the server.

    Optional pre-server install of the mod can be found here:

    Instructions for standalone Flash player (for movie viewing) can be found here:

    No Garry's Mod? No problem! Keep your eyes open for GMod Giveaways in the near future!

    Join us in our video haven here:
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