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    During the migration, everything was backed up completely from FragTekkit so you didn't lose any work! The only change is the new IP: tekkit.vaultf4.com

    VaultTekkit is a hybrid PVE/PVP Server. A PVE Zone in the center of the map spans from -1500 to +1500 on both the X and Y axis. A bedrock border surrounds the PVE Area . All other coordinates are in the PVP Zone.

    Once you have gained whitelist access and have found an area you would like to build on, please notify a Staff member and they will secure a 50x50 area for you the stretches from bedrock to skyblock.

    New!! Check out the VaultF4 Tekkit Store, buy items for real money to help you get a jump start in this advanced world. Also purchase more land :) https://vaultf4.buycraft.net/

    Rules for the PVE Zone

    -Don't take/break anything that doesn't belong to you.
    -No horribly gaudy structures.
    -This is the only part of the rules that will be discussed with some flexibility. Conflicts will be discussed between the landowner, the miner, and staff.

    Rules for the PVP Zone

    -Anything goes. ANYTHING.
    -If you die, don't complain about it and ask for your stuff back. Don't take anything into the PvP zone you aren't willing to lose.
    -Building in the PvP zone: Same rules. SecureChest works just the same. You can lock up the items you want to keep 100% safe. Everything else can be stolen/destroyed.

    Spawn Tour
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