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    Hello, and welcome to the Vault F4 Information Page. Here I will be answering some of the basic questions about the websites and servers.

    What is Vault F4?
    we are a gaming community that supports many popular games that are played today. Including (but not limited to): Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, League of Legends, Guildwars, and many more. We also have game servers for Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and Left 4 Dead 2. Apart from the games however, we also provide a Teamspeak 3 and Mumble server for people to socialize and use voice communication for games.

    Where can I find The VF4 servers?
    Typically, there is a list of the VF4 servers to the right side of our webpages that can connect you directly to the servers by clicking on the blue arrow to the right of the name. If that is not working for you, you may have to enter the information manually in the game/voice program and bookmark/ favorite the address.

    What are the rules for the server and forums?
    The rules for our servers can be found here.

    Who are the Admins, and can I become an Admin?
    We have a list of all our current admins and staff here. For quick reference in games, All admins usually wear the [VF4-A] tag while on our servers. All Staff or Operators usually wear the [VF4-S] tag. Incase of a problem with a person or the server, please add a few admins to your friends list, preferably one you see on the server you play on.

    As for applying to be an admin, please read all rules and application format here. Make sure that before you apply to be an admin, that you have been around for a while, and at a glance most, if not all, of the staff and admins will know you. If you are new to the community and/or don't know any of the admins or staff you application may not even be reviewed.

    What do I do if I see a hacker on a server?
    First, don't panic or get angry. Contact an Admin (unless one is already in the server) and record a demo of the player, preferably from their perspective while spectating. Some times hackers can take a while to track down so please be patient and be assured that the hacker will be dealt with. To record a demo of a player, open your console and type record *name* if they are a name changer just give it a name you can recognize. If we need a demo from you. it can be found at C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/username/team fortress 2/tf

    Also Be sure to check out Gamepeer!
    This website can help you find people that play the same games you do, at similar times and skills. Be sure to create an account there and see what its all about.

    If you have any questions that were not answered here please make a post here about them, others may share your questions.
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