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Discussion in 'Sound' started by Brown27m, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Brown27m

    Brown27m Noob

    I'm a voice actor and I would love to work with this project to completion, I have been working for over a year now and this may be my first professional project,If I get selected to do a part I will do the best I can and will contact the the team and send my lines through. I will also be sending my voice clips tomorrow and will be likely going for the Kill streak announcer, The Henchman, and the Janitor if I can hit a part. I also have a friend who does concept art, how would I send that in if I can?
  2. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

    send your lines/art to me as a private message on here or as an email ([email protected]) or over steam
  3. Brown27m

    Brown27m Noob

  4. Brown, I'm up for Kill streak announcer
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