Weapons / Items That Were Cancelled (etc.)

Discussion in 'Other' started by Player_Zer0, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Welcome to my first discussion. (Sort of...)
    Surely that is the dumbest worst intro ever for a rookie.
    Anyway, let's begin.

    There are still a few items and weaponry from Team Fortress 2, from their trailer from 2007, and other things that were scrapped after the Beta.
    I recommend that these items my be added for TF2 Classic, but some might not go as content for the game.

    1. The Civilian
    • A TFC character, also known as The Hunted or the V.I.P.
    • It is a playable character in a series of games.
    • It is featured in Fortress Forever.
    • He only has a melee weapon to defend himself.
    • I do not know why this was removed. (Sorry for the inconvenience, I am doing research.)
    2. The Commander
    • Non-physical role.
    • Used in tactical advantages.
    • Overlooks the map, providing air support, placing buildings, (sentries, dispensers, teleporters.) and placing tactics for his teammates.
    • In the middle of the development of the game, it is removed, it was then later changed to the Coaching system.
    3. The Walkabout
    • Primary weapon for the Sniper.
    • Weapon allows the Sniper to go walk at normal speed, while scoped.
    • Stats are reduced majorly, reduced damage; Headshot removed; removed charge.
    • It was then replaced for the Huntsman.
    4. Heraldic Targe
    • Primary weapon for the Demoman.
    • Unknown.
    • Seen in the game files from the December 23, 2010 patch.
    • Maybe later replaced by the Chargin' Targe.
    5. The Ludmilla
    • Primary weapon for the Heavy.
    • Deals less damage, (-25%, -50%, or maybe higher.) Health replenishes when enemies are being hit.
    • Maybe replaced with the Natasha.
    ...and that was it.
    This is the first five weapons / items that were removed, I will be editing this soon. I am doing more research about this.
    Feel free to discuss / suggest / talk about this.
    What I mean by "first five" is there will be a continuation. Have a Merry Christmas.
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