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  1. So it's been on my mind lately, and I have some weapons stat and weapon suggestions. Instead of the ubersaw for medic, that unused syringe can just be the ubersaw except  just call it the Uber needle or somethin'. The overhealer could use some ubercharge as well, but it should be very slow (since it has 2 medibeams on 1 person that would cause sluggish uber charge rate, or 50% less charge rate) and 25% more overheal with no overheal decay. As for the nailgun, I feel it needs different viewmodel animations. Scout has his hand on the clip in first person but his hand is on the base of it in worldmodel view. I think the hand should be on the base in viewmodel as well, but that's just me. As for engie, he should get a new wrench (NOT the gunslinger) It would have faster repair and build speed but less damage and/or upgrade penalty. And the pyro and could get a crowbar that has faster swing, but slightly less damage. The syringe could also poison enemies when it's filled with uber (TFC reference) for about 5-10 seconds. Medic's shotgun could use some better animations as well. I hope you consider some of these. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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    You are in the wrong place. This is the page where official updates are put, not suggestions.
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