While the servers are offline...

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by F10 to defuse, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. F10 to defuse

    F10 to defuse Well-Known Member

    How would somebody accomplish playing offline with bots?
  2. Habber

    Habber Noob

    I don't think bots quite work, since the version of TF2 this is based on didn't have working bots. Also, the servers aren't down, the server browser is broken. Please switch your source SDK version to the beta branch and start playing on the servers listed on this group.
  3. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    Thanks for the advertising, Habber.
    But to play those servers listed in the group description, simply open up TF2C on the Beta Test Branch of Source Multiplayer SDK 2013. Then after that Open the server browser and go to favorites. After you do this you need to right click somewhere in the middle of the window, and you will get one option. Click 'Add Server By IP Address' and add the EXACT IP of the server you want to play. My group lists 3 of the Official Vault F4 servers. These are guaranteed safe servers, and the ones I use to host events for my group.
    As for bots, no. There are Puppet bots within the game, but not ones that can be played with. These bots will only act on player given commands.
  4. F10 to defuse

    F10 to defuse Well-Known Member

    I knew about those servers, but nobody is ever on them. Thanks for the answers.
  5. boomsta

    boomsta Noob

    Anyone know where I could download TF2C while the bug is being fixed?
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