You Are Given A Superpower

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geoff, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Which Superpower would you take?

    For me, it's a tie between super speed (Smallville ftw) and stopping time. Either way, I wouldn't ever be late. Hopefully people can avoid the "power that gives you any power you think of" or some crap. =P
  2. 13thforsworn

    13thforsworn Achievement Hunter

    Stopping and starting time, hands down. You can do pretty much anything with that power.
  3. CorruptDictator

    CorruptDictator I want a custom title, but I dont trust VintagePC

    Same here, starting and stopping time. And I would be a super villain.
  4. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester TF2L developer

    The ability to make anything electronic do my bidding. Oh, wait.... :D

    Yeah, start/stop time FTW. Even better if stopping time also makes your body stop aging.
    I'd use it to finish all those side projects I want to finish but real life never lets me get around to...
  5. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Hm. I would think it would Vintage...

    Can you imagine stopping time for like 20 years and then starting it again? People see you age 20 years instantly. lol
  6. Spazz

    Spazz Achievement Hunter

    Just to be different I want atomic fireball farts.

    Practical and hilarious.
  7. Razer

    Razer Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    I want to control inertia. ALL inertia
  8. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Holy shit, last post was DECEMBER?! I felt like I made this barely a couple months ago. Anyway, follow up question for those who answered and 2 questions for any new people coming in.

    Do you think you'd get BORED with the power you have?

    Looking at the Flash from smallville, he basically always uses his power which makes me happy. I could never understand why someone with the power to move faster than the speed of light/sound would ever be moving like a human. But I think I would eventually get kinda bored with it. Obviously I can't be 100% sure.

    As for stopping time, I think I'd eventually start only using it in "must need" situations.
  9. Cheese4Everyone

    Cheese4Everyone Ambassador to our Sentient Dairy-Based Overlords

    I'd want ot be able to bend light. With that I could make myself invisable and shoot lasers. Pew Pew Pew :D
  10. Insanity

    Insanity Moderator of ALL the things VF4-A (Admin) Staff Member VF4 Supporter

    Ok screw stopping and starting time. Time manipulation, in other words the ability to control time to go forward or backwards as i want as a whole or just in small areas. (Immortal if you want to be)
  11. SoL DarkLord


    Teleportation... Forget having to pay for registration or insurance then! Also... other things.
  12. Nacasius

    Nacasius Trophy: Keeps Coming Back. You must like it here!

    Work is defined as force x distance.
    You can push forever on wall and you have done no work unless the wall moved.
    Stoping time sounds cool enough, but your still at the mercy of linear reality, you still have to get were you are going and you are the only thing not subject to the laws of our time space continuum.

    Now teleportation and the idea of moving through almost limitless energy to your destination is simply a matter of infinite energy x distance.

    But if your going to play with limitless energy, by FAR the coolest things is energy to matter coalescence.
    Einstein told us that E is = to mc^2 so we know that we can reverse the process and take energy back into matter.

    The power I'd want is matter coalescence. You'd be tapped into unlimited power. You could created anything. You could even bend the laws of physics if you want.

    In the end, id have the power to even make more powers if i wanted, all based on science.

    Suck it Geoff.
  13. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    ^ Then your body would be killed by having too many powers. Have you NOT seen Heroes bro? Sorry, you died from basically overdosing on powers. GG
  14. Nacasius

    Nacasius Trophy: Keeps Coming Back. You must like it here!

    Ah i see your willing to fall back on BIG science to win this one.
  15. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Completely off topic and I think I know the answer to this but I gotta ask. Is that picture really you?
  16. SoulVoid

    SoulVoid Well-Known Member

    Complete control of electricity.
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