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    There are a number of channels on Youtube dedicated to providing highly informative video on a wide range of educational subjects. It came to my attention awhile back that these channels largely work together in there topic coverage to create new content that is not then duplicated by others.

    They even gave themselves a name. Youtube University.

    Some of these channels are:




    C. G. P. Grey

    Crash Course

    Mental Floss




    Periodic Videos


    Sixty Symbols


    (note TED has 5 channels all worth checking out as they are a private thinktank that gets professionals the world over to give public lectures.)



    (note Vsauce has 3 channels all covering a variety of topics, some just factoid)

    I will share some of the more interesting videos i find with you all, but i encourage you to check out these channels. (when you have a spare day or 3)
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