[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - November 10

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    - [Break Bad] Most Wanted objective: players who reach 5 kill streak get "most wanted" status. It allows higher cash rewards for each kill and the player who finish their streak also gets a special reward. A most wanted player can be tell by a red dollar sign at their feet.

    - coachgun damage over long range decreased up to -15% (damage dealt when target is 1000 units far). This change was introduced in previous update, but wasn't mentioned. So it's not a new damage decrease.
    - [Ghost Town] Ghost speed +10%
    - auto-start of slide based panel in Linux/OSX gets disabled since some players report issues when it opens

    - [Teamplay] autobalanced player spawning in wrong place
    - [Ghost Town] team scramble started incorrectly
    - fists related exploit that allow higher hit rate
    - Some notoriety log events may not get removed
    - tp_eliminator/tp_snowy: round end score may not be correct sometimes (wrong winner)

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