[FoF] Halloween update goes live!

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    Halloween is here and we have prepared an update to celebrate it. This is much more than a mere ornamental thing as it features a new game mode and certain features as the ghostly gun which change the way of playing completely. So please, take your time to learn the new features and we really hope you enjoy it!

    For dedicated server admins: set fof_sv_currentmode 4 in server.cfg to activate it.


    - Ghost Town game mode featuring 'last man standing' gameplay along unique features as the 'ghostly gun' or playing as a ghost! Search for guns, avoid ghosts and kill enemies to be the last survivor.
    - Halloween themed maps gt_creepycreek and gt_desperados. Art and design by RedYager
    - [Teamplay] cvar fof_sv_tp_buytime: sets custom buy time before a round starts

    - case where some players get switched to spectator team after warm up
    - case where player can't receive weapons while standing over certain entities

    - fof_desperados: removed ghostly guns since those were only a teaser for upcoming feature

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