[Background] History of the Sightless Sphinx

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    As we approach book 4 "Secrets of the Sphinx" you have learned that you will be assaulting the Cult at its base in the Sightless Sphinx. But just what is the Sightless Sphinx? Well here's the official errata on it.

    Centuries ago, cultists of Areshkagal, the demon lord of greed, portals, and riddles, built a temple to their demonic patron in the desert wastes of Osirion. Mimicking Areshkagal's own form, the temple was constructed as a colossal statue of a six-legged, faceless sphinx that became known as the Sightless Sphinx. The cult inhabited the Sphinx for many decades, but a band of templars devoted to Sarenrae breached the temple's defenses 150 years ago to eradicate the cult. The beleaguered cultists even summoned a powerful glabrezu ally named Ninureset to help defend the Sphinx, but they were defeated. All of the cultists were slain, and the glabrezu was banished back to the Abyss. Their work done, the paladins left, leaving the Sightless Sphinx empty and abandoned.
    Decades later, a tribe of maftets settled near the Sightless Sphinx. Obeying their racial imperative to guard sites of importance, the maftets established their camp in the shadow of the Sightless Sphinx but never dared enter the structure. The elder maftets sensed the ruins' foul history, and the tribe knew better than to take a chance at stirring up old evils.



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