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Discussion in 'Community Applications' started by RedP0nd, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. RedP0nd

    RedP0nd Noob

    In Game Name: RedP0nd
    HLStats Link: Only Play TF2 and Minecraft
    Time with Vault F4: Been playing on your MvM servers for a while
    Reason you want to be admin/Moderator: I'd love to help moderate some of the servers that are not as moderated as they should be. I'm an awesome person as well! Applying for Game Moderator.

    I understand that by creating this thread and signing my name, that I am applying to Volunteer my time with Vault F4 in either a Moderator or Game Administrator role. As a Moderator I would be in charge of content creation, and post moderation of my section of the forums. As a Game Server admin I would be responsible for keeping the game servers a fun enviroment. I will spend atleast an hour of my time each week on the servers to retain my position as a Gameserver admin with Vault F4, and if I do not meet the requirement my admin status will be revoked.

    Signed:The Awesome Ian Carroll (RedP0nd)
  2. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    Thanks for the app we will get back to you in a weeks time of this message going up. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.