Planetside 2 Amerish Update (11.02.2012)

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    • The Amerish continent is now available. Head to the Warpgate to access it.
    • Pain Fields are now functional in the respawn areas.
    • The Respawn Timer has been increased by 4 seconds.
    • Falling damage has been reduced slightly.

    Notable Bug Fixes:
    • Phalanx Turret projectiles from turrets are now visible to everyone
    • Instant Action spawning to a Squad Leader should be functional again.
    • Players should be able to purchase medical kits with the resupply button again.
    • Gate Shields will now stop enemy projectiles
    • Throwing a grenade on a highly populated server will no longer cause the grenade to explode in your hands.
    • Health Regeneration from Restoration Kits will continue even after you swap weapons.
    • Players will no longer spawn under Sunderers when using quick deploy.
    • The Vehicle Ammo Resupply ability will now properly dispense ammunition when coupled with the AMS ability.
    • Revive Grenades are now functional again.
    • Players no longer spawn through the world at Tawrich Depot.
    • Players can no longer get stuck in a "floating" state.

    • Tank mines do more damage to main battle tanks.
    • C4 now does more damage to main battle tanks.
    • 50 cal MG bullets now travel farther before losing some damage
    • 30mm AA: COF increased. Projectile speed increased. Changed reticule.
    • Swap times are faster. Swapping to a pistol got the biggest speed increase.
    • MAX anti-vehicle weapons: Large increase to anti-vehicle damage. Reduced magazine sizes, faster reload speeds. These are now more similar to the main battle tank weapons in feel.
    • All Semi-auto Sniper Rifles: Reduced near damage (hip fire range). Overall bullets to kill is the same.
    • Accuracy is now lost faster when firing from the hip. Starting accuracy remains the same unless mentioned below.
    • All weapon attachments are now available from the start. Costs have been adjusted.

    New Conglomerate:
    • Gauss Rifle: Small increase to recoil.
    • AF-14: Torrent: Reduced initial vertical recoil. Small increase to horizontal recoil, but gave a more learnable pull to the right. Decreased damage at range. Improved accuracy, especially when firing from the hip.
    • Reaper DMR: Increased recoil over sustained fire. Reduced initial recoil, making burst fire and single shot much more effective. Increased accuracy.
    • AF-19 Mercenary: Slightly increased horizontal drift during sustained firing.
    • GD-7F: Reduced vertical recoil. Very small increase to horizontal drift over sustained fire. Made horizontal drift favor the left.
    • EM9: Reduced initial vertical recoil, making follow up shots from range easier. Increased accuracy.
    • Gauss SAW: Recoil recovers slower. Slowed down fire rate to 500 RPM, from 550 RPM.
    • EM1: Reduce overall recoil. Increased reload speed. Increased accuracy when on the move.
    • GD-22: Reload time is now consistent across all fire modes (incorrectly was slower in single shot mode). Lowered damage. Lowered vertical recoil.
    • Increased projectile speed to be the fastest of the available NC LMGs.
    • Mag-Shot: Increased accuracy. Lowered magazine size by 2.

    Terran Republic:
    • T1 Cycler: Increased vertical recoil. Reduced horizontal drift. Decreased starting hip fire accuracy.
    • RF-3: Increased accuracy. Reduced vertical recoil. Gave horizontal recoil a more predictable pull to the left. Reduced damage at long range.
    • SABR-13: Fixed bug causing accuracy to be worse when crouched. Increased projectile speed. Reduced vertical recoil to allow more consistent landing of follow up shots at range.
    • TRAC-5: Initial recoil direction is more predictable. Small increase to reload time when a bullet is in the chamber. Reloading when empty remains the same.
    • LC2 Lynx: Reduced vertical recoil.
    • T5 AMC: Very small increase to first shot recoil, but made direction more predictable. Reduced horizontal drift.
    • T9 CARV: Reduced horizontal recoil. Small reduction to recoil recovery rate.
    • T9 CARV-S: Increased rate of fire to 750 RPM, from 700. Reduced horizontal recoil. Increased projectile speed. Reduced initial recoil, making the burst fire mode more useful.
    • MSW-R: Overall reduction in recoil. Increased rate of fire to 800 RPM, from 750, to better match the hip fire accuracy's benefit in CQC.
    • Repeater: Increased accuracy. Small reduction to damage at long range.

    Vanu Sovereignty
    • Pulsar VS1: First shot recoil is more predictable. Very small increase to horizontal drift.
    • XM9 Centauri: Increased first shot recoil, but removed pull to the right.
    • CME: Lowered first shot recoil so that it can better benefit from its faster projectile at range. Increased drift during sustained fire.
    • Pulsar Compact: Recoil is now more similar to Pulsar VS1, meaning less recoil during sustained fire and a slight pull to the right.
    • VX6-7: Reduced vertical recoil. Gave a more defined pull to the right. Increased hip fire accuracy.
    • XM21-4 Carbine: Reduced recoil. Increased Accuracy. Added 10 to the magazine. Slowed down reload time.
    • Orion: Small increase to initial recoil. Increased movement speed when in iron sights.
    • VX29 Polaris: Reduced initial recoil to better match the benefits of its fast projectile at range.
    • Pulsar LSW: Increased initial recoil, but made sustained fire more steady. Dropped fire rate to 700 RPM, from 750. Increased reload speed.
    • Beamer: Increased projectile speed. Increased accuracy. Increased rate of fire. Reduced damage loss over range.

    • Numerous Capture area sizes on Indar have been increased and additional cover has been provided.
    • Anti-tank Phalanx turrets now do less splash damage.
    • Anti-Personnel Phalanx turrets are more accurate but have reduced damage.

    • Damage done by Critical Fire damage reduced by 50%
    • Direct hit damage of Lightning 100mms has increased.
    • Many Anti-vehicle secondary weapons will now have increased projectile speed and damage.
    • The reload time of the Prowler 120mm gun has been reduced.
    • Vanguard and Lightning HE turrets have had their splash damage brought in line with the Magrider and Prowler.
    • Sunderers can now only be deployed 200m or more from another Sunderer.

    • Flak damage has been reduced and direct hits with projectiles now do less damage over range.
    • Aircraft Rocket pod direct damage increased slightly. Rockets no longer accelerate over time and move at a flat rate.
    • A2A missile damage increased
    • Air Hammer Projectile Speed increased
    • Increased Light aircraft resistance to 20mm Basilisk and 30mm Shredder
    • composite Armor is now an available cert for Liberator and Galaxy

    • If you are in a squad and not the squad leader, the option to drop-pod on your leader is now available from the hotspots panel in the map screen.
    • Spawn beacons no longer cost resources or use up a tool slot. Squad leaders will be able to use the spawn beacon on a timer.

    • Small reduction to speed of changing directions while strafing.
    • Infiltrator recon tool sends mini-map info to all faction members and not just the squad.
    • Fuel based abilities now start at max when you change to the class.
    • Repair Tool can now overheat. You can upgrade the heat threshold and the repair rate through the related cert line.
    • Ammunition package equips and throws faster. Ally ammo packs will now show on the mini-map.
    • Reduced the effectiveness of the Resist Shield to be more in line with other Heavy Assault shield abilities. Added a movement penalty to the resist shield (slows the player down only while active)
    • Slight increase to the Nanite Mesh Generator shield strength. Slight increase to the movement penalty of the Nanite Mesh Generator.
    • Increased HP given by Nanoweave Armor.
    • Moved MAX ammo certs into utilities slot.
    • Updated MAX Kinetic Armor, now it will only resist small arms fire (infantry weapons).
    Not sure how I feel about repair tools overheating. Godspeed to them on getting all three continents balanced in the next 17 days.

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