2.0.0 Beta Update

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Thirteen, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Thirteen

    Thirteen Well-Known Member

    This is a major upgrade. Instead of just extracting the new files over your old ones, please remove all of your old files first before extracting the new ones.

    Today marks the release of 2.0.0's Beta. You beta believe it!

    The last three months have been a lot of all night playtests, frustrating bug hunts, and hundreds of man hours from an international team of over 40 enthusiasts, dedicated fans, and some industry professionals working on this in their free time with no compensation. Its safe to say no one would be on the team if they didn't want to. It was a ride to get it to this point, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the update we've been working on as much as we have enjoyed creating it. This release is by no means a finished product, we do feel however we should test our changes with you to ensure nothing is broken. Our key focus for this beta right now is deathmatch however there are changes across the entire game including new menus, bug fixes and more.

    This patch is currently Windows only but we're looking into compiling for Linux.

    So what are you waiting for? Download and play!
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  2. _Q3

    _Q3 Noob

    [font=Arial, Verdana]"This patch is currently Windows only but we're looking into compiling for Linux."
    If you could do that, it would make me happy!
  3. IceQubed

    IceQubed Noob

    Wow, sounds like I found this project at a great time then! Just discovered this, as ARMaster is currently streaming it on youtube! I'm downloading right now - this looks fun.
  4. I can not get the update to download no matter what I do and it's not a problem on my end.
  5. maxnuckels

    maxnuckels Noob

    Is Mac gonna get a release?
  6. robertxdb

    robertxdb Noob

    Sent here by Tyler (VNN) B-)
  7. giapet1

    giapet1 Noob

    Why are the download's removed?.
  8. There was a security problem, so we had to close the downloads down. The security problem is fixed, but the server list isn't working so we need to wait until Valve releases the patch for the server list and then we will release a new version of the beta.
  9. kayuen18

    kayuen18 Noob

    will this auto update?
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