20 Tips To Reduce Lag And Speed Up Your Pc

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    Please understand that I did not make this guide and only posted it to help others, so please enjoy and I would appreciate if you thanked me if this worked for you. One of these tricks dont work for me, so I cant tell you how to fix it, so if you cant do it skip it [​IMG]. If there's a typo (there's alot) remember I did not make this guide. For the videos in some tricks you have to go where I got this from: http://forum.top.igg.com/viewthread....ra=page%3D1### . I'm also not responsible if this guide destroy's your computer, and I hope this works for you [​IMG].

    WARNING: please folow the steps exact as it say. If u dont u can HARM ur PC

    Befor u start make an system restore point, because if u mess somthing up u can unudo it to that time that u have made ur restore point.
    So to make an system restore point click START > all programs > accessories > system tools and than click on "system restore"
    a window will pop up and there u select "create restore point" and click next, than name or describe ur restore point and click create and wait till the proces ends

    (TRICK NO.1)
    Open notepad and type in:

    Save it on your desktop with the name <ram.vbe> and then run it.

    (TRICK NO. 2)
    Go to the start menu.
    Click on run and type in msconfig.
    Go to start up and uncheck all that you don't need.

    (TRICK NO.3)
    Go to the start menu.
    Click on run and type in regedit.
    Press enter and then go to HKEY_CURRENT_ USER>control panel>desktop and look for menushowdelay
    Change the value from 400 to 0

    (TRICK NO.4)
    Right click on My Computer.

    Click properties and then go to the Advanced tab.
    Click on Settings under Performance.
    Click on Adjust for Best Performance,
    Go to Advance and go right down and you will see change.
    Press it and then you will see instant size (or something)
    Change the first option to 2046 and maximum size to 4092 (only if u have free space)

    (TRICK NO.5)
    Download Ccleaner.
    You can get it at CCleaner - Download
    Install it open it and you will see what to do.[Really easy]

    (TRICK NO.6)
    Go to the start menu.
    Click on run and type in system.ini.
    Paste this in:
    page buffer=100000kbps load=100000kbps Download=100000kbps save=100000kbps back=100000kbps

    (TRICK NO.7)
    Don't use IE (internet explorer) because it......sucks and you can get allot of viruses with it. Use Mozilla Firefox. Just download it. Just type in Google: Mozilafirefox and you will find the homepage. When you have downloaded Firefox find a program called Fasterfox and install it that basically speeds up your internet browsing er.....speed.
    When thats done go and type into the address about:config and type into the filter pipelining set:

    Set network.http.pipelining to true"
    Set network.http.proxy.pipelining to false
    Set "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to 30

    That should make your browsing and also your game play much faster .

    (TRICK NO.8)
    This is really stupid but maybe someone doesn't know it.
    Press Esc and go to Display Setting and set your graphics on low, color on 16-bit and set camera to OFF.

    (TRICK NO. 9)
    Go to the start menu.
    Click on run and type in regedit then go to:
    Enter administrated tamplets>network>QOU packet schedule and double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidths.
    Something will pop up.
    Click on enable and set the number to 0 instead of 20

    (TRICK NO. 10)
    OK THIS IS ONLY IF YOU LIKE SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JEJ SNOW!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to the folder that you have installed TOP in.
    Open the music folder and delete all of the items in it.
    Go to texture and open terrain and delete all the files except the Alpha and Water folders.
    That prevents the game from loading from the ground and you will see only white ground with black stripes.
    It is going to look just like snow.

    (TRICK NO. 11)
    Press ctrl+alt+delete (must be outside of the game)
    A window pops up.
    Click on the process tab and find the explorer and pres once on it and then delete.
    You will see that there aren't any more icons.
    This process uses allot of ur CPU storage so when you are playing the game you can delete it.
    If you want to get it back press new application and type in Explorer and the icons and stuff will come back up.
    EDIT: weal u can delet all the proceses u dont need but DON'T delet proceses of LOCAL SERVICES, NETWORK SERVICES and SYSTEM proceses u can yous delet users services, weal u can also delet some of the others but dont delet them if ur not 100% sure for wath they are.

    (TRICK NO. 12)
    Open My Computer.
    Right click on main disk drive(mine is C)
    Click on properties and a window will pop up.
    Click on tools then choose defrag,and than another window will pop up.
    Just click the defrag button in the left right corner of the window.

    (TRICK NO. 13)
    Go to the start menu.
    Click on run and type in regedit.
    Go to: HKEY_LOCALMACHINE>software>microsoft>windows>cut rent version>explorer>remote computer>namespace and select the key (D6277990 4C6A 8D87 00AA0060F5BF) then delete it(it isn't necessary that you have these key but if you do, then delete it.)

    (TRICK NO. 14)
    If you have a program that takes a long time to load like TOP, you can speed it up a little bit by doing this:
    Right click on the program and go down to properties.
    A window will pop up and you will see a word named "target"
    That is the file where this program is stored.
    Go to the end of the text and type in: /prefetch:1
    Oh, and remember when adding the prefetch command, put a space in between the target and the command.

    (TRICK NO. 15)
    DON'T, I repeat DON'T visit dirty over 18 sites!
    They download Viruses, Trojans,horses, and the worst spy ware that can slow down your PC and can get your personal details.
    If you have any spy ware and/or viruses etc I prefer getting CA program
    I think that they are the best though I also like mcafe, AVG, and the panda thing.

    (TRICK NO.16)
    Don’t ask me why and how this this works because I don’t know why and by any logic how. It just works.
    Go to start menu, control panel and open the folder "fonts" and delete some of them. Be sure to delete those you don’t need.
    I really don’t know why this helps. I speed tested it. Other people say it works so I am not sure about this one sorry.

    (TRICK NO.17)
    I think someone already posted this but I’m not quite sure, because I forgot.
    First run the game and wait in the server selection screen.
    Then pres ctrl + alt + delete (with out the plusses)
    A screen will pop up and then you go to processes and find the process game.exe and click on it with the right mouse button and go to the last option (priority settings) and set it to over average ( In English windows it would be Above Normal)
    Whatever you do DON;T set it to Real-time or on High priority because the game will use most of your ram, and everything will only get worse, so don’t do that

    (TRICK NO. 18)
    Go to start menu. Click run, type in regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft video plug in. Delete the video plug in file if you have one.
    Spy ware that dramatically slows down your PC is stored there.
    Look for it if strange messages are appearing that your PC is at risk .........You need a really good anti spy ware because when you delete the file the next time you shut down and start up your pc it comes back because it has a source that I haven’t found yet. Even CA AVG or any other anti spy ware or worm detector can’t find it, so delete the file (If you have it ) Every time you log in..

    (TRICK NO.19)
    I’ll show you how to over clock your graphic card and your PC.
    WARNING: DONT OVERCLOCK IT to much because it will burn your graphic card and your CPU.
    I don’t take any responsibilities of your stupid acts.
    Well first off, download a program called Powerstrip.
    Install the program and run it.
    Then go to preferences and disable a button called "Restore settings on startup"
    You are going to see an icon of the program in the bottom right part of your toolbar (windows)
    Right click it and go to performance profiles and than click on configure,
    A screen will popup and you will se a slider.
    Move it up just a little bit for like 10 on both sides, and save it.
    Then you can close that program. What that does is make your graphic card and your CPU work much "faster" but it also decreases the life time of your graphic card, but not too much. Maybe like for a month.
    O and if u wana EXTREME overclock ur CPU hers an vid from natej315 how to do it (weal its stupid and it eit done over a program its just that u se how can the true overclocking be poverful):

    (TRICK NO.20)
    If allllllllllll this doesn’t work than format your PC (windows).
    Try to format drive C: first but if that doesn’t help, format the whole PC.
    For formatting your PC (windows), first get a CD. I suggest you buy one but you can illegally download one [Which I don’t support, this makes me laugh].
    Enter the CD and than the processor is to complicated to write so here is a link on how to format.
    Say reinstall windows:

    and for more details go to:

    A system restor is to restore ur PC's configuration 2 some erlier time.
    If u mees thing up, now its the right time to use ur restore point for system restore.
    Go to: START > all programs > accessories > system tools and than click on "system restore" ....again
    and a window will poop up...again than select "restore my computer to an earlier time" than click next 2 times and than pres restore and wait till the proces has ended and now u will have all ur setings restored to the time u made ur restore point

    Be CAREFUL.. Do only what I say because if you don't, you can really mess up your computer.
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    Thanks for writing this Net :D
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