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    This message concerns the whole Fistful of Frags community, and more specifically server admins.

    As you know, some servers display ads in a window called "Message of the Day" (MOTD), the one which opens along team selection menu. That was (and still is) considered by me as a valid source of income for the respective server owners, certainly preferred over other options as VIP accounts and other undesirable monetization schemes.

    There's a problem though. Those ads are played using Adobe Flash, which is an utterly shitty piece of software that may cause crashes to our game. Since those crashes are engine related, they cannot be debugged or fixed in any way by me.

    Possible solutions? None good I'm afraid. Until I know how to prevent those crashes, I decided to prevent the origin of it. This only can be done by preventing the MOTD screen showing any HTML code at all. It's a pretty bad solution for everybody, including those servers not displaying ads, I admit it. It's still better than a crashing game though.

    That's all I have to say regarding this matter, for the moment. The MOTD window still can be used to show pure text messages, if that's of any use for someone out there.

    A note about FoF Competitive League:

    Semifinals: Y3*YO*Y3 vs Ranger Danger

    FoFCL Steam Group

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