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Discussion in 'Tech Chat' started by tigar, Nov 20, 2013.

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    So i have heard 2 people so far talking about wanting to go back into doing it or trying it out and let me just say that unless you have several thousand bucks laying around or a ati 7990 or 2 it aint really worth it to use your pc for it now days(2 years ago ya sure it was perfect time for it)

    A lot of people still stick to pool mining hoping to get bits here and there with their old hardware yet the cost often outweigh the gains so i was looking around and came across something that has been going on for a while called cloud mining and as the name suggests everyone helps out not in the way of pool mining but in holding parts of the mining rig setup by that group that your part off and getting payed out based on the amount of ghs you make

    So let me do an example my 550gtx can get 32-40 mhs
    a quad core i7 3400mhz can do 80-90 khs
    an ati 7990 can do about 1.2ghs

    Yet if you have around 0.05 bitcoins laying around you can reach around 600mhs with cloud sharing without having to waste money on electricity or worrying your head about crashes or anything

    Now the great part about cloud sharing is that you can use the btc that you get from the mining that gets done to get more processing power from that group dedicated to your account and slowly getting more and more and the more you get the more the group benefits and the bigger the setup they can make increasing your chances at getting more money overall so its a win win in the end

    So why not give it a go and come join me by clicking here :3 (yes its a referal link but it doesnt hurt you to click on it and check it out)
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