[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - August 1

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    Howdy! This is another small update seeking to fix some bugs and add extra balance. However there's a new feature that all you'll love: now the player arms won't use a generic texture but a custom one for each team.

    I also would like to announce some changes regarding how future updates will be handled. I undertand these small incremental updates may result annoying specially for server ops. Players in general may not notice much progress either. So now that Teamplay mode is pretty much where I wanted, I'd like to take more time between updates. Next one may take several weeks (around 1 month) and I'm hoping it will feature 2 new fof_ maps, a new deathmatch like mode and a large weapon overhaul among other things. I'll keep you up to date regarding progress towards this update.

    Now here are the full notes for today's update:

    - sleeve texture for weapon view models now matches each team skin color. Art by tigg
    - Bots purchase weapons in Teamplay mode in same way than human players. They kind of cheated before-

    - notoriety reward due capture being issued despite some players didn't captured anything
    - tp_forest: some trees without collision mesh

    - Mare's Leg: +15% higher accuracy, 10% slower primary rate of fire, 35% slower secondary rate of fire, -25% reload speed
    - Henry rifle: -10% base damage except headshots, slightly higher damage drop over distance

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