[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - December 12

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    - improved handgun throw (perk): keep throw key pressed (V) to charge throw power, then press mouse 1 or 2 to throw left / right handgun as before, or just let the power bar to reach max power to throw both guns simultaneously. Impact damage is proportional to throw force. Power meter and weapon 'charging' animation added
    - weapon drop simplified: just press drop key (V) for single weapon drops. Dual wield still requires V + mouse 1 or 2 to drop left/right guns.
    - easier weapon pickup/replacement: unloaded handguns are dropped automatically when a reloaded one of same type is picked up (player already owns 2 of that type).

    - handgun throw: hit damage decreased (-30% aprox.), notoriety reward increased (+50% vs normal kill from a given gun)
    - pump shotgun: slightly higher range

    - [Break Bad] Jailed players receive 3 seconds of invulnerability to prevent other players target them by mistake (the jail-chain-reaction effect)

    - muzzle flash light causing bigger performance impact than it should
    - thrown weapon colliding with thrower player sometimes

    FoF Competitive League news

    The FOFCL playoffs[fofcl.challonge.com] continue this weekend with upper bracket semfinals and lower bracket 1st round matches. Teams will be competing for their tournament lives on a league favourite map, tp_snowy. You can watch all the action live on our Twitch[www.twitch.tv] channel, or watch the VODs anytime on our Youtube channel.

    FOFCL’s Season 3 will begin shortly after playoffs. If you’re an individual or a team of 5 you can join the FOFCL Steam Group for the latest on how to register for Season 3 and everything FOFCL!

    Saturday Matches
    8:00pm EST – Reverse Gaming vs Ranger Danger (WB semifinals)
    9:30pm EST – Sesame Street vs The Wild Bunch (LB 1st round)

    Sunday Matches
    12:00am EST – URNA vs Whiskey n Poverty (LB 1st round)
    3:00pm EST – Y3*YO*Y3 vs Whiskey Walkers (WB semifinals)

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