[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - December 16

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    New game mode "Elimination": an highly customized version of "last man standing" rules where killed players (eliminated) can still play as unarmed class. Features:

    - Focus on teamplay, 2-4 teams allowed, no FFA mode available
    - Shootout type weapon selection, limited to basic tier weapons
    - Eliminated players remain as unarmed class and can rejoin action by getting a weapon again.
    - Player can locate their team mates at any moment due a player outline effect
    - When a player opens a weapon crate, their near team mates also get the weapon selection menu
    - An armed player becomes eliminated when attacking an already eliminated player
    - Eliminated players can report armed player's location for extra notoriety.
    - Once 75% of players have been eliminated, remaining armed players fight in a 2-4 way duel/Mexican standoff to decide winner.

    - fof_desperados: bottom area (prison) reworked, a few small additions/changes here and there, some optimization, added breakable fences. Added special area for stand-off [Elimination]

    - a case where players get damage from props/weapons on the ground

    - handgun throw: -25% less time needed to reach max charge, +15% max throw power, +20% damage, notoriety bonus for long distance kills added (up to 2x base weapon notoriety)
    - knife based kills: -1 notoriety


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