[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - May 19.

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    A new update is live! Many big and small fixes, map updates, check it out! Be aware that dedicated servers require updating as well.

    - Hungarian translation by Azarus
    - Language tab in Steam's game properties, allows to use a different in-game language than Steam one. Main menu still will use Steam language though.
    - Player respawns with primary weapon selected, in left hand if lefthanded
    - Weapon slot number near the weapon icon when it's picked up
    - fof_play_taunts cvar, set it to 0 if you don't want to pass the whiskey, or hear it. Also available in Options/Multiplayer/Advanced
    - server check that prevents voice taunt spamming
    - server tag for 4 team deathmatch
    - server tag for low gravity
    - use sv_showimpacts if you want to see bullet traces/hitboxes. Note that this is only available with sv_cheats on

    - bots taking other guns than specified when scripts are used
    - certain viewmodel bodygroups not displayed correctly (brass knuckles, sawed off shotgun shells)

    - crosshair default size increased to 9. Go to Options/Multiplayer/Advanced for custom size
    - fof_desperados: respawns inside jail cells removed, new route from jail to upper level. Exploits fixed
    - fof_revenge: several respawns and weapon crates moved for better map flow. Some lighting issues fixed, more detail, exploits fixed
    - fof_fistful: extra cover at certain places, exploit fixed
    fof_robertlee: improved spawn points, some optimization, exploits fixed

    - Smith carbine: slightly lower damage on close range (only headshot kills). Slightly higher damage at long range.
    - Schofield: slightly slower fanning as a downside for being the faster reloading revolver
    - removed extra notoriety after kill streak ends, when total count is displayed -> this is a secondary reward for killstreaks, normal reward isn't removed
    - notoriety rewards: -1 Schofield, -1 Hatchet, -2 Knife melee, +2 Knife throw

    Note about same team collisions:

    Player collisions are intended for players of different team, same for no teams. However they aren't supposed to take effect for players of same team, this is a glitch that probably exists since mod was ported to Source 2007. When same team collisions are disabled, players still collide no matter what. Until a proper fix is found, a stronger 'soft collision' effect has been added so players shouldn't get stuck into players of same team.

    Note for Mac users:

    Valve have updated the SDK, which now includes official support for XCode 5. I'm hoping to update FoF codebase soon, so probably next update will include these SDK updates and they might solve some of the current issues in this platform.

    Note for VR users:

    The SDK update mentioned above should enable VR support in our mod again, we'll find out soon.

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