[FoF] Client and Dedicated Server Update - September 23

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    Update notes:
    - introduction to Break Bad and Shootout game modes (some sort of quick guide)
    - mute all players button in mute panel
    - updated Swedish translation by Woozie

    - crash issue affecting Break Bad mode on Linux servers (mainly)
    - map being changed automatically if server is set to 21 slots and map doesn't support that many slots (is supposed to happen if >21)
    - total map time not displayed for Teamplay mode
    - wrong fine in Break Bad mode where an unarmed player gets hit by a shotgun shot
    - Load-out panel showing weapons grayed out despite player having enough cash to buy them

    - Coachgun price +$10
    - Smith carbine price -$5;

    - fof_desperados: new passage added

    FoF Competitive League News

    The guys from FoFCL inform me that playoffs begin next Saturday at 11pm EST, Y3*YO*Y3 vs Ranger Danger. The match will be casted here Twitch[www.twitch.tv].

    More info about dates here[fofcl.challonge.com].

    And here's the video for another match, Y3*YO*Y3 vs Reverse Gaming. Playing at competitive level makes the game much more exciting, isn't it? Hope you enjoy it.

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