ctf assault: a 4 team flag Invasion map

Discussion in 'Map Releases' started by rad, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. rad

    rad DMC Tester DMC Tester

    Hello rad here, I want to show this 4 team gamemode, it's a capture the flag variation for 4 teams called "Invasion".

    Each team must takes his own flag and bring them to enemies oposite team, capture the point will make that the intelligence receiver gets "Lockdown" making imposible to capture team's point for 60 seconds(this helps making the game less shorter but not much longer).

    Also the map is on alpha, so expect some bugs and some gameplay changes. I need help with this map, Please give me your feedback.


  2. rad

    rad DMC Tester DMC Tester

    Saturday, I will add a improved version.
  3. rad

    rad DMC Tester DMC Tester

    New Update:
    -added Setup
    -added some sounds
    -added a better skybox
    -moved the central bridges
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