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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brother Ariman, Apr 24, 2013.

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    Just a quick bulletin I want to put out towards everyone in the upcoming D&D game on teamspeak. If at all possible I want to be able to write a little story to chronicle the travels for this group. As such I must ask if you could provide a description of character: looks, personal, quirks, etc. and if wish a little backstory to accompany them. If you wish to keep parts of your story a secret by all means do so, I'll only mention it in the story once it comes up in our game.
    Thank you all in advance.
    -Brother Ariman
  2. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    My name is Jamven Taletreader, Druid Half-elf. I was abandoned by my parents when I was a baby, just left in a grove in a secluded valley. I do not know my real age, but I estimate it to be around 24. The forest and the king of the wolves, Erir, raised me. He guided and looked over me as one in the pack. The forest talks, but only to those who listen. It taught me its ways. Only use what you need, let nothing go to waste. I learned to use natural magic to heal and protect. The animals were my friends, they showed me their survival and fighting techniques. But most importantly I learned to respect Mother Nature for she brings balance to the world.

    For many years I only knew the forest and animals. I often wondered what lay beyond what I knew. I asked Erir about this. He told me stories of creatures like myself, some bigger and some smaller. They lived in cities all over. Some were good, but they were not to be trusted. They kill each other for the metal in their pockets. They could be brothers one day and enemies the next.

    When I was about 10 I decided to see for myself. I ran through the forest as fast as I could. I don't know how far or long I ran, but I ran until I found the edge of the forest. There were humanoids just as Erir said! I was scared. How do I talk to them? Did they know anything about my parents? I watched them from afar for days before I had the courage to come face to face with one of them. I saw a man in his farm alone, so I approached. He didn't even notice me until I was directly in front of him. I think he was more scared of me than I was of him!

    He tried talking to me, but I did not understand his words. Over the next few months I visited every day, with Erir watching over me from the forest edge. I slowly learned his language. He introduced me to the city's children so I could socialize. He told me about how vast the world was. I still lived in the forest. I did not understand their society and was cautious of Erir's stories. But me and the other children quickly became friends. We were mischievous and often got into trouble.

    About 10 years later I heard news that would change my life forever. As I was visiting with my friends in the city, I heard a messenger in the town square. There was a new phenomenon. Creatures that moved like people, but they were made from metal. They did not eat, they did not sleep, they felt no fear and they felt no remorse. A creature that was non living...how could this be?! Frightened, I ran home. I talked to Erir, but he knew nothing of these metallic beasts. I spoke with the natural spirits. They could only tell me that there are evil powers in this world. Evil enough to stop Mother Nature if they wanted. The Earth could be turned into a burning wasteland, unfit even for living things.

    I was restless. For years I wondered how can something made from iron and steel move? How can it fight? How can it do anything and at the same time not think? All I had known was Mother Nature, and here was something that defied her. Every day I wondered how can something exist that can destroy good? Then one day I heard rumors. Rumors of a band of people going on a quest. A quest to slay evil. Some had their own motives. Some were doing it for glory, some for righteousness, and some for money. I decided that I must go with them. Then I heard another rumor - they would be coming through this city!

    The day finally came. The towns folk were excited. The band of heroes had arrived. I ran through the crowds to see for myself. There they were. They looked like ordinary people. I walked up to meet them and ask to come along. Then I noticed 1 man was different. One of his arms was made of metal like the creatures in the stories (That's you Brother). Yet nobody was afraid of him. I stood frozen. I didn't realize I was staring until 1 in the group told me so. I caught myself and apologized. I explained about how his arm and the stories and my history in the forest caused me to react the way I did. I begged them to let me go with them. I told them that I wanted to explore the world and see new possibilities that had never been in my mind until just now. And I wanted to help put a stop to evil in the world.

    Realizing I was going to go no matter what, Erir did what he had to. He renounced his kingship. He decided to go with me, to protect me and to fight alongside me.

    And while I was going on an adventure I might find something about my parents. Why did they leave me? Did they plan on coming back? Did something happen to them? This is how my story began.

    Did I do it right?
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