Delta Rock.

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  1. Welcome to Delta Rock and all its variations. This is the most mineral-rich location in all of New Mexico. The Civilians want it all, though, As the own their respective teams and have sent them to claim it. Of course, the story is different for DM and when there are only are only 2 teams. A timeline is in the works so you can make sense of it all.
  2. I added a road. I mean it was always going to be there but still. A road. Also the R.E.D spawn room as 131 player spawn entities because IDFK. =)
  3. R.E.D Spawn area almost done.
  4. I wonder where those wagons are going because my delivery chart has the destination crossed out.
  5. MaartenS11

    MaartenS11 Well-Known Member

    I think its going to manhattan
  6. Where in Mannhattan is the train going, is the question?
  7. What's going on at Delta Rock? Dr Groph says the security feed is somewhat alarming.
  8. Civilian -" I did not approve of this collaboration!"

    Helen -" I did Civilian."

    Civilian -" One what grounds Administrator!"

    Richtofen -" This site contains Divinium, me and my crew need it. Desperately."

    Civilian -" I thought Group 935 disbanded after WWII?"

    Helen -" Dr Richtofen is no longer a member of group 935."

    (Soldier kicks done the door.)

    Soldier -" I smell a Nazi!"

    Helen -" No Mr Doe, Dr Richtofen is not a Nazi!"

    Soldier -" I got my eye on you german..."

    Soldier -" Oh yeah, a strange little steam locomotive appeared in an electric blue cloud."

    Civilian -" Just leave Mr Doe...god sake...."
  9. Civilian -"Oh this is what that idiot soldier was drivelling about."
  10. New things.
  11. I've hit a roadblock. I can't copy the spawn because when I do Hammer crashes. I need to make 4 copies. Help.
  12. The map is 2379KB.
  13. All the buildings are in the map, not a skybox w/ skycamera.
  14. I have with help from MaartenS11 copied the spawn and now there is one for each team However when I compile the map it runs a much older version instead of the latest. What do I do?
  15. G.R.N in the works as well as a lot of other stuff.
  16. Bases are functional. Artpass to be applied. Tunnels added inside the rock. Rock walls were totally redone.
  17. Tunnels have lights. They're coloured to the team there next to.
  18. Civilian -"How on earth did this get here?"

    (Door creaks open)

    Doctor -"Hello, who are you?"

    Civilian -"They call me the Civilian, and you are?"

    Doctor -"I'm the Doctor."

    Civilian -"Doctor Who?"

    Doctor -"Just the Doctor."

    Civilian -"...god sake... Do you own this Police Box?

    Doctor -"It's called the Tardis, it can travel anywhere through Time & Space and its all mine."

    Civilian -"Poppycock!"

    Doctor -"I know."
  19. Sorry for a lack of updates I'm not happy with the map and it has severely differed for my original design. I'm gonna remake exactly how my design was.
  20. First step of the new version.
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