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Discussion in 'Archive' started by The Administrator, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. A number of people have been asking about what has been going on recently. Here is a rundown of exactly what we've been doing.
    Security updatesAs many are aware our game was subject to an exploit that affected mods and games running on the unpatched Source SDK 2013 engine. This attack was patched by Valve a long time ago for TF2s main client however this bug remained unpatched in Source SDK Base 2013, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and Day of Defeat: Source.
    Valve has since patched the exploit on every Valve game listed above and Source SDK 2013 has had a patch pushed to the beta_test branch.
    TF2 Classics code has since been updated to work with the beta_test branch and an official patch will come live soon.
    Website updatesThe website has had some fixes to do with formatting and features, Updates to team lists and fixes for mobile browsing.If any issues do arise please contact me (Th13teen) on the forums.
    In-game notificationsIn-game notifications have had an update which allows us to announce messages to all clients when required. This will be used for things such as playtest events or important announcements such as updates.
    Linux binariesLinux binaries are in the works. Server binaries work fine but the client binaries currently have issues with VAC forcing the clients into insecure mode. We have sent an email to Valve requesting some help on the matter.
    That about rounds up all we have to talk about, We're working on a lot more in the background but nothing we want to share (yet).
  2. serjunpe

    serjunpe Noob

    Well done with this important fix. I'm sure you're working hard to bring us TF2C back as soon as possible. Keep up the great job!
  3. Huzzah! Thanks for the update!
  4. PartyDude

    PartyDude Noob

    Awesome news that the site's back up. Keep up the good work guys
  5. Geno

    Geno Noob

    Great to see the site back up!
  6. AlphaSteam

    AlphaSteam Noob

    linux YAY
  7. yackaro

    yackaro Noob

    @Geno, the site was never actually completely down, you could still type in /forums in the url and get here.
  8. serjunpe

    serjunpe Noob

    I'm kinda ashamed I didn't come up with that before...
  9. soldier

    soldier Noob

    we gona be able to play dis agan?
  10. PartyDude

    PartyDude Noob

    When will the patch go live?
  11. Why is TF2C 2.0.0 (Beta 1) removed the page Download page?
  12. yo, tf2 classic developer's, don't forget "TF2 arm's race 2" at the workshop guy's :), the voting has over and the winner's was at place, pls check out the gun race website or something :D
  13. Habber

    Habber Noob

    Don't believe so. Bots weren't added until years after release so I doubt working bots are a thing.
  14. Is it safe to play yet?
  15. serjunpe

    serjunpe Noob

    I'm afraid not yet
  16. PartyDude

    PartyDude Noob

    How much longer till new patch?
  17. TofuBaer

    TofuBaer Noob

    I hope they patch it soon
  18. is this safe yet? i got some servers to show up using a helpful steam group, but im asking if it's safe to play without getting hacked or anything.
  19. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    @TurtleGalaxies You can play safe as long as you are on the Beta Test branch
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