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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by oceanboy86, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. oceanboy86

    oceanboy86 Well-Known Member

    Hey if anyone else was accepted into the Alpha for Evolve: Friend me, Join me, and lets kill some Goliaths or whatever.
    Seriously though I don't know anybody else who's participating. I'll be in mumble most of the time.
    Edit: There is also a Teamspeak to join from the Evolve Steam page, If you are from VF4 I suggest we use mumble unless we want to play/talk with other groups. And I am currently unpacking the pre-load.
    The suspense is killing me
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  2. oceanboy86

    oceanboy86 Well-Known Member

    So the Big Alpha is officially over and everyone I played with was a super polite random group that readily accepted me no questions asked until I proved that they should never trust me in a 4 man co-op scenario, let alone a game. Uh, it was a pretty good game once they fixed the matchmaking issues, specs are a little high, and nearly everything about the game screams "We made Left 4 Dead". So yeah, first game I'm considering pre-ordering. "6/10" IGN
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