Fallout: New Vegas Achievement Hunt

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Geoff, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"


    It's been awhile since I even touched this game. Wish I remember why. New game arrived probably, and I just stopped.

    That, or I got to that shitty part of the game dealing with the boomers. Either way, I have a couple more videos saved up that I'll be uploading over the next two days (maybe I'll just upload it all today) and I'm going to be back to hunting down achievements.
  2. CorruptDictator

    CorruptDictator I want a custom title, but I dont trust VintagePC

    Boomers part was annoying, I went ahead and looked up a video on how to get by it after dying a dozen times trying on my own. I never did quite finish the game either. I played most of it, then stopped and waited for the DLC, finished two and got about halfway done with the 50s sci-fi themed one and just stopped, cannot remember why.
  3. Net

    Net Achievement Hunter

    Yea the boomers part, how dreadful was that...poor game design. I did have to read up on it as well and made it by but holy crap was that horrid.
  4. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Only part that sucks is I want 100%. I haven't done like 95% of the DLC for the game.

    Doing the hardcore or whatever playthrough will be fun. I know how to get that achievement nice and fast.
  5. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Bumping this because I finally got back into the game! EXCITEMENT!

    I'll upload once I can. Good 44 minute video.

  6. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Above video is actually a video I had saved and didn't realize I hadn't uploaded. Anyway, the actual 44 minute video IS up, and in the playlist.

    Gamewise, forget the Boomers being bad. I forgot that I'm currently siding with the NCR which means I gotta deal with...the Brotherhood of Steel. They make the Boomers like easy as hell. Uuuugh. Oh well, Boomers ARE done. Rendering video now, will upload tonight.
  7. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    We are up to 11 parts now! I'm playing constantly, so I will aim for a video a day. As for as DLC goes, I'll hold off till I beat the game the first time, then I'll do it all at once.
  8. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Been a little while since I even played (2 weeks), and now I'm sort of waiting on my 360's new power supply to arrive before getting too into the game again.

    Otherwise, 14 parts are up now.
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