[FoF] Fistful of Frags: Weekly review, dev thoughts and interesting stuff #2

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    Howdy, I'm still the lead dev for Fistful of Frags as I've been during these past 7 years, and I'd like to tell you about personal thoughts and future plans for this mod.

    First of all, only 3 weeks have passed since release but feels like 3 months. The mod was released without any anticipation but the hype machine took over us quickly and things turned pretty crazy. Don't know if deserved or not, it's just these days a game may get completely overlooked or the opposite, there's nothing in between. I believe the hype increased player numbers way above something we could call normal for a mod like this. As a dev, it's a lot more motivating when you see your player base growing, even if it's slowly, than peeking so soon and going down from there. But that's what we got and there's no time for crying.

    I'll tell you what's actually demotivating, there's little sense of community, don't see many players getting involved at all. I'm probably doing many things wrong or/and just expecting too much for a deathmatch based mod, but certainly I expected to see more/better community content at this point.

    There's always an exception, fortunately. In this case we got a very promising map being made by Resis. It's a western town in the most classical gaming sense, and initial playtests seem very positive. Feel free to give it a try, the more people plays it, the sooner it'll become official.

    Regarding future development plans, I would like to announce a new game mode called 'Domination' (working title), it's going to be my highest priority for the time being. Despite the name, which may sound like a clone from other domination modes out there, I'm really hoping this is something unique that may attract players and make them stay for long.

    Domination, or a more proper name perhaps would be 'king of the hill', is a good base for what I want to do. A fast and tactical mode where combat is a succession of skirmishes over a small arena-like battleground and each map is composed of several of those arenas. There were a few big if's for me, as what the weapon selection system would be used and what kind of tactical enhancements could be added so this mode offered some decent replayability. I'm quite happy about the solutions I came with, there's nothing set in stone though and some systems may need some tweaking. I'd really like if you take some time to read this wall of text (and forgive my poor English). Any feedback is welcomed, specially negative one if it's constructive.

    Other than that, I'm looking forward to kick your asses and wass the phiskey!

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