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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Geoff, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Since I wasn't able to be a part of the Secret Santa this year, I'm happy to instead give away a free copy of Forge. For a quick taste of it, Force provides us with videos.

    If you care to see any other of the classes, check out his channel.

    Anyway, my brother got me this game earlier this week and as it turns out, the free copy that you got with it for buying it before the 18th was actually given to me as well...and he got his own copy too. Steam is a strange world. If the game looks interesting enough to you, post in this topic. Come Sunday, midnight, I'll do a random generated pick and there ya go.

    My experience in this game so far is that it can be interesting but it might take a bit of time to get used to it.
  2. Barbarossa_5

    Barbarossa_5 Achievement Hunter

    I thought this looked rather interesting, but I'm not sold on buying it.
  3. English

    English Global Mod

    Game looks awesome!

    I am going to buy two copies. Geoff -- Pick two people and I will give away one copy as well!
  4. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    id love to have this game sad moment when you cant buy it due to having to need to save money and then there being a steam holiday sale being on with this game on sale to D:
  5. Nightshde

    Nightshde Graphic Designer Forum Operator VF4-A (Admin) Staff Member

    Kind of reminds me of a MMO that came out back in 07-08 that was just pvp battle arenas, can't remember the name of it.
  6. gjknutsen

    gjknutsen Well-Known Member

    Pick me! Pick me!
  7. Hobbo

    Hobbo Achievement Hunter

    this looks really cool.
  8. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    About 11 hours to go!
  9. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    First winner was tigar, so message me on steam when you get the chance.

    Second winner was Barbarossa, so find English. ^____^
  10. Barbarossa_5

    Barbarossa_5 Achievement Hunter

    Neat, thank you gents!
  11. English

    English Global Mod

    Enjoy the game and let us know when you want to play a game
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