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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Net, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Top List of Games That Are Like Minecraft

    So I created this thread in the old forums and thought I would bring it over here. These games are a lot like minecraft in many ways, but are also different and add their own elements. Check them out, try them out and share with us your favorites.

    If I am missing anything from the list below please do let me know.

    Hello Everyone. I just wanted to share a list of games that are like minecraft but not really, but sort of like it, a little. Check them out below. Some of them a free waiting to be downloaded and installed for massive time consuming fun. Free Minecraft like games....what can beat that amiright?

    Paid Games Like MinecraftTerraria (PC, $10)
    Blockland (PC, $19.95)
    Clonk Series (PC, Free/$15)
    Cortex Command (PC, $18)
    StarForge (PC, $14.95)
    Deepworld (PC, Prices Vary)
    Castle Story (PC, Unknown)
    Gnomoria (PC, $7.99)
    Towns (PC, $13.21)
    BlockScape (PC, $14)
    Prison Architect (PC ,$30)

    Free Games Like Minecraft
    Minetest C55 (PC, Free)
    Infiniminer (PC, Free)
    Manic Digger (PC, Free)
    Ace of Spades (PC, Free)
    Roblox (PC - Browser, Free)
    Cubelands (PC - Browser, Free)
    King Arthur's Gold (PC, Free)
    Epic Inventor (PC, Free)
    Mythruna (PC, Free)
    Guncraft (PC, Free)
    Cube World (PC, Free, Not Released Yet)
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  2. textercist

    textercist Well-Known Member

    My buddy and I had some good times on Ace of Spades. Minecraft, with guns! Digging into the enemy base then shot gun in the face. good times
  3. DEVR

    DEVR Active Member

    nice, now i got more games to waste homework time. lol
  4. ImSpartacus

    ImSpartacus Not a Noob

    Yeah, Ace of Spades is pretty stellar. It's like smeone distilled Minecraft down to its essentials, then added basic guns. It's fast, light and free. And, Dear God, the shotgun feels incredible.
  5. TheWildPyro

    TheWildPyro Not a Noob

    Any Mac cames? Dx
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