Government wants to Tax Email? Yea it was brought up in California

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Net, Mar 27, 2013.

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    The internet is an untapped revenue stream by the government. So this clown Berkeley City Councilman Gordon Wozniak brought up during a council meeting the idea of taxing emails. He said that the money collected from this would be part of a wider reaching internet tax and could be used to save local post offices.

    There are already proposed or laws for taxing e-commerce , but this would go beyond that and tax data usage.

    Right now the government cannot legally tax the internet due to the Internet Tax Freedom Act that was signed in 1998, and unfortunately is set to expire in November 2013. If it expires there could very well be a tax on our own internet data usage and email. Republicans Sens. Kelly Ayotte, and Dean Heller have already introduced legislation that would extend the Act indefinitely banning federal, state, or local government from taxing the internet.

    Guess what!! We can honestly blame Canada for this!! The idea of "bit tax" was the brainchild of Canadian Arthur Cordell who was a former information technology adviser to the Canadian Government. He first proposed the tax back in 1997.

    Holy crap...this would be like the government saying something like Hey...ya know..we don't tax people for using their pillows at night...its an untapped revenue stream!

    Honestly the internet is made of up people spending their hard earned money on servers to host websites and places people can transfer data between each other. We already pay for the internet by paying current taxes, paying utilities, and income earned from internet businesses. The data is literally created by me and you, and sent via ways we already pay for by being citizens of the United States. So it's like they want to double bill us.

    Fuck you government! You take 30% of my fucking paycheck, tax me on everything I buy, tax my property, tax my car, take tolls on my way to work. You tax every fucking thing I do in life and now you want to tax something I am already paying taxes on! Fuck these people. Stop spending so much god damn money taking $10 million dollar, and $5 million dollar vacations instead of proposing new ways to tax the over taxed citizens of your country.
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