[MMORPG] [gw2] The Lost Shores Event

Discussion in 'Archives' started by 13thforsworn, Nov 16, 2012.

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    These events are a nice idea but half of them have been broken, and really instead of working on new content they need to focus on patching whats already here. Too many things are still broken, including main quests and skills for certain classes. I love the game but they need to get their priorities straight.
  3. 13thforsworn

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    Pretty much what Nightshde said. A lot of people have been complaining about how buggy the new content has been, and this certainly doesn't make them look good in front of those with free trial keys. The game is excellent, but in the eyes of a new player, it's completely overshadowed by bugs, lag, and confusion.

    Kinda mad about how they removed the sidequest after phase 2 started when most people couldn't even finish it because the NPC were bugged. Spent a ton of time trying to do it, only to have one NPC not work for me and thus make all that playtime a waste. Now I can't even finish it because they simply removed it instead of fixing it.
  4. 13thforsworn

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    Welp, just finished phase 3. Took us 3 hours, partly because the lag made it so that half the people couldn't attack. My thoughts are mixed. The beginning was alright, where you had to clear out the cave in order to rig it with explosives. We got roflstomped throughout the entire thing, but we finished that part eventually. Then we had to lure the Ancient Karka to said cave in order to kill it with said explosives. The luring part was AWEFUL. Basically, there were traps setup along the way (falling trees, a rockslide, and exploding gas cans), but between each trap was a phase of what seemed like never ending reinforcements. Veteran karakas everywhere, like 10 champs, plus the Ancient. We got obliterated, and each reinforcement stage took like half an hour AT LEAST. The lag was so massive, it took literally 1 minute for each of my actions to process. Finally we got it to the cave, in which we had to destroy some webbing. Then the explosives went of, making the karak travel to the bottom of the cave, where it regenerated its heath (kinda annoying but without reinforcements, it didn't take very long to kill it). FINALLY, when it lost all its health, a cutscene played showing the ground collapse underneath itself, falling into lava, where it died. At the end, there was a big chest with 2 exotics, 2 rares, and 20 slot bag. The part in the cave was pretty fun, but man, those reinforcement stages were TERRIBLE.
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    Yea I didn't even last that long, played it for about an hour and a half and got bored, was killing tons of karaks but wasn't getting any xp or loot, even when we killed the champ when putting down bombs. After the hour and a half I went and did some leveling and never looked back, wasn't worth the waiting or the amount of money I wasted on repairs. These big events are a cool idea but so far they are being executed badly.
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    "We have a team looking into disconnection problems that prevented some people from receiving their event rewards.

    We will implement a solution so that people who participated will get their rewards, but this takes work on our end, so it will not happen today.

    Keep an eye on our forums and social media channels, we will let you know once we have the solution in place.
    Thank you, and we apologize that you were unable to claim your rewards."
    From their facebook webpage in case anyone missed it.
  7. 13thforsworn

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    A little something something I made as a result of getting roflstomped by karkas.

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    I was pretty annoyed when I tried to do the finale event yesterday and the lag was so bag that I gave up after 10 minutes or so and just logged off. Shame since the expansion event on Saturday was kind of fun, but short.
  9. Nightshde

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    Well here's hoping that this fix they are working on will give anyone that participated in the final event credit and send them items in the mail.
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