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Discussion in 'Archives' started by CaptSpiffy, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Ok, I know how this post is going to look, and IDGAF. during my lunch break, I was looking for a prize pack for an as of yet undisclosed thing, and I stumbled upon a website called indiebundle.org.
    Basically, they have a rotation of 5 3-game bundles, and offer each bundle for only $5.

    Now, the one thing about this is that you will have to read what each bundle entails. Several of the games are either direct downloads, desura keys, or Steam Greenlight titles. If the title is Greenlit on Steam, then you automatically get the Steam key. You'll also have to watch out for you OS, etc., but that's with anything like this.

    The thing that sets this apart from things like The Humble Indie Bundle is that these bundles are limited by a set number of keys, and not by some arbitrary time limit. The bundle is on sale for as long as it takes them to sell out of keys, or 10 weeks, whichever comes first.

    So, if you're interested in trying out this new way of buying games, check out IndieBundle.org.
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