[Event] It's That Time of Year when Servers Go Bump In The Night!

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    It's that wonderful time of the year again!

    In accordance with the Hallowe’en spirit, we get to find out which mercenaries have been naughty or nice, and then accordingly subject them to unworldly amounts of suffering.

    For the season, we’re running a series of special maps that have been expertly calculated to send shivers down your spleen. These stay cleanly within the classic spirit. No spells, no bumper cars, no skeletons, just some good ol’-fashioned frights. But don’t expect us to have zero tricks up our sleeve. We’ve brought the stories from your horrific pulp magazines to life – by removing DEATH. After blood sprays from your eyes and your spine goes westwards, you’ll be left to wander the mortal plane as a specter.

    We expect most of our readers have already started dialing their nearest bishop, but for those still with us, let us up the ante. If your life gets taken too many times in a row, the only thing left of you will be a tombstone inscribed with YOUR NAME.

    Still with us? Try not to cry before seeing our new seasonal maps!

    • ARENA Horsemann Hill – Fight over a summer getaway residence (read: backwoods mansion) owned by the mysterious Silas Mann.
    • ARENA Offblast Event – There’s been a murder at a remote laboratory embedded in a mountain. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only ones there. Secure the premises and uncover the facility’s secrets.
    • ARENA Staple Event – Two data centers are constructed within ancient Egyptian temples to monitor supernatural occurrences and events. What lies in the mysterious sacrificial ground?

    • A/D Dustbowl Event – A twist on an old classic. Fight your way through the fairgrounds, from the church to the castle!
    • A/D Mojave Event – A curse has fallen on the Mojave you know and love. Fight through the dense purple fog and the pumpkin bombs to capture the enemy’s underground facility!

    • CP Gravelpit Event – Gravelpit has recently become a funeral for the beloved Bilious Hale …..who even is this guy?? Anyways! BLU is crashing RED’s awfully spooky funeral for this buff mustache wearing man, and RED is not too happy about it. So I suppose it’s time to fight in this frightfully scary renovation of Gravelpit!
    • CP Well Event – Welcome to the Hotels of Hell! The two teams are trying to harvest the occult energies within the two opposing haunted hotels. With only minutes to spare, push and capture the enemy’s inner spire!

    • KOTH Badlands Event – A dreary sky and vampiric decorator have taken over the badlands! The mercs are being sent in once again to take control of this famous landmark, but maybe all this spooky décor and hellish lighting make them run in fear before they can even fight!
    • KOTH Spellway – An ingenious mad scientist once used this mansion as a laboratory to conduct nefarious experiments on plants involving equal parts magic and several million volts. Whatever the case, he's dead now, and it's time to fight over whatever's worth stealing before this place gets repossessed.

    • Nat20 – In a dark medieval village, BLU must use their melee weapons to push a massive cursed icosahedron into the enemy’s control points!

    • PL Oasis Event – Shoot the explosive canopic jars and explode your enemies with organ juices! Unleash the ancient Egyptian curse! Fun!
    • PL Panckakebro – Who even names these things? RED is trying to launch a seaside rocket to pollute the oceans with radioactive materials, just in time for Labor Day. Foil their plans by pushing your own radioactive bomb into it through a beautiful autumnal night on top of a cliffed coast.

    As well as these returning maps from Team Fortress 2:

    • A/D Gorge Event
    • A/D Mann Manor
    • CP Sinshine
    • KOTH Eyeaduct
    • KOTH Harvest Event
    • KOTH Megalo
    • KOTH Moldergrove
    • PL Bloodwater
    • PL Fifthcurve Event

    We expect to see gravestones and ghosts appearing from nowhere very soon... and later today.... that custom map cycle
    will force itself into our plane of existence on the Custom Maps servers for the duration of the event!

    Happy Hallowe’en!
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    thats cool. also horsemann hill was added in this year's scream fortress
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