Know what restores my faith?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spazz, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Spazz

    Spazz Achievement Hunter

    I figured we have a thread that's dedicated to bitching and hating stuff - which is all well and good - why not have one dedicated to things that restore our faith in humans/society/love/etc.? This probably won't be as wildly popular, but fuck you I'm doing it anyway.

    Know what restores my faith in women? One that genuinely seems to like me and wants to get to know me better. It's extremely refreshing, especially after my last couple of "incidents".
  2. VoltageSpike

    VoltageSpike Achievement Hunter

    People who remember their goddamned manners. I'm a Midwest/Southern guy (Kansas acts more like a southern state than you'd think) and it drives me up the wall to see how people act any more. It makes my day when I see someone act like an actual person and not just a self-centered asshole.

    Hold the door open for someone if they're reasonably close to you. Respect your elders. Help people with their bags or other cumbersome tasks if you see that it would help them.

    One that I do all the time and Sinny has picked up on is being nicer to anyone that is providing a service to you. They put up with assholes all the time. You don't need to be one of them, especially at a restaurant. If you're done eating, clean your table up for them. Put all the dishes together in a nice stack, secure the silverware with it, and put all the glasses in a group somewhere helpful. The time it takes you do be friendly and clean up after yourself will stick with them all day and didn't cost you any time to do.

    Basically, be the person that takes the extra time to make the day better for the people around you. Make it a habit and you'll do it every day. It doesn't take much to make your little part of the world better for the people around you. It'll restore some faith for everyone.
  3. Nacasius

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    When i first moved to city from country i held a door open for a women at a mall.
    She turned and and snapped "Don't think i can do it for myself huh?", and stormed through with a glare.
    That bothered me for years as i was told all my young life it was a sign of respect to hold doors for everyone, especially when your bigger then most.
    Then i was on a business trip to Houston Texas, and say what you want about Texas i fell in love with it for 1 reason.
    As i walked to a restaurant there i saw a young boy run up and pull open the door for his mom and follow through closing it on a women following and myself.
    I opened it for her in time to see her cuff his hat off and tell him very loudly to hold the door open next time for the woman.
    Not being a fan of physically discipline myself, i never the less was impressed with this mother's consistency on manners.
    It restored a little in me what was lost by that first experience years ago.
  4. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    This lady came into the store last week. She wanted one of the mini DSLR type camera. Not a full DSLR. They're about the size of the regular Point and Shoots, but come with interchangeable lenses. She wanted this Olympus one that her husband was looking at. She realized there were 2 more, 1 from Nikon and 1 from Sony. She asked me about more information on them, and I admitted that I didn't know much as nobody ever looks at them and nobody has ever even asked me about them. She called her husband and said they would have to take some time at home to research them because there were some new things they didn't know about so they had to look it up.

    I was so proud. Not buying stuff without knowing all the details.
  5. Reechard

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    the Olympus PEN series is awesome. I have the PEN-ELP1 and it roxors your face off. It's the same capabilities as a DSLR in a much smaller package due to no mirrors. Literally the only drawback I've found is the lack of a "real" preview via mirrors/viewfinder
  6. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    That's the one we sell.

    Unfortunately, most people's buying experience is this:
    "I want this $90 camera"
    "We're out"
    "Ok I want this $100 one"
    "we're out"
    "Ok I want this $110 one"
    "We're out"

    Notice a pattern?

    Or if they want a DSLR
    "The Nikon D3200...Nikon is the one Ashton Kutcher uses right?"
  7. Net

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    My how things have changed since I worked at best buy. I used to learn products and sell them to consumers because I knew the ins and outs of each they always left knowing more than when they came in. The consumers were just as clueless back then as they are today.

    My feel good story. We were in downtown Chicago waiting at a stop light. Homeless guy walks up and asks for change, I had a dollar in my pocket I gave him. My 5 year old started asking who he was and why he was dirty looking and I told him he was homeless and explained a little in terms a 5 year old would understand. My 5 year old wanted to go home and get his $5 he got from easter to give to him, and he was saving money to get a batman action figure. If we all could just have brains of adults and hearts of a child we would all be living in a better world.
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  8. Spazz

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    Know what restored my faith in music?

    Either Syracuse's or Michigan's band just played "Sell Out", the best 90's song ever.
  9. SoL DarkLord


    So today we went to the birthday party for one of my nieces. Well as we left my mom stuck her purse where she usually puts it, between her and her door. Well it fell only to be caught by my mom closing her door. Some ways down the road, it finally fell. When we got home and notices she started to freak. Well shortly after one of the city cops came to our house, saying that her purse was found and is at the Police Station in the town we just left. Her and I go back up to get her purse, and everything is still in it. People being honest and turning in lost things, without taking anything restores my faith.
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