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Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by Thirteen, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Thirteen

    Thirteen Well-Known Member

    We know the Linux client has some issues.

    We haven't officially released the Linux client yet and a lot still needs to be done.

    Things we know about:
    • Missing textures on the HUD and other things.
    • Software cursor is locked in a box.
    • VAC is wonky and wont allow you to join VAC enabled servers.

    We'll be working on what we can, Things like VAC we are waiting on Valve.

    Thanks for your time and support.
  2. TruboXL

    TruboXL Noob

    Well, you can "workaround" the wonky VAC if you put


    in the Launch Options for Team Fortress 2 Classic. (Not 100% workable but works for me.)

    But it still good to back off from the Linux Client as I do see quite a few missing texture as suggested above.

    Sorry if this is a wrong thread to post as I am quite new here and I think this thread is supposed to be locked(?) as no one appears to be replying...
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