[MOBA] [lol] New Tear Of The Goddes, Archangels, And New Item!

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  1. Brother Ariman

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    Hey there Summoners. After my first post about the upcoming preseason itemization changes, which you can find here, I’d like to talk about an item path that both demonstrates some of the updates we’re making to item tooltips and previews an upcoming item.​

    One of our primary goals in League of Legends is to facilitate “clarity of design,” ensuring that things work exactly how you expect them to work – and then some. With the preseason update, we’ve gone back and retuned a lot of our existing items to fit under this new paradigm and to basically re-tool some of our lesser used items into items that can fit into a wider variety of player builds. Let’s go into today’s preview item and its upgrades​
    Tear of the Goddess

    • +250 Mana
    • +7 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
    • UNIQUE Passive – Mana Charge: Each time you spend Mana, your maximum Mana increases by 4 (3 second cooldown).
    • Bonus Mana: 0/750
    It’s pretty much the Tear of the Goddess you’ve all known and loved for quite some time. You cast spells, you gain maximum mana. It does give a bit less total mana than it did before, but it’s also cheaper at a new cost of 700 Gold.

    The passive is mostly the same, with one key difference: Tear of the Goddess used to trigger on spellcasts; now it triggers when you spend Mana, including through the use of channeled effects. While these two effects are one and the same for most characters, any character that has a channeled effect that costs mana will now be able to use Tears to greater effect. Characters like Anivia and Karthus who were already excellent with Tear of the Goddess now have additional ways to trigger it, while some characters like Singed and Ashe will have a newfound ability to trigger Tear of the Goddess from their toggled abilities, opening up new item paths for those characters.​

    You may have noticed the new words ‘Mana Charge’ – this is part of our new item tooltip terminology. Unique Passives that are shared across items now have a unique name and indicator to call them out. Unique Passives with the same name don’t stack. This mechanic is something you’re already familiar with on existing items; we’ve merely called it out explicitly with new terminology in an effort to clarify our item tooltips.​
    Archangel’s Staff

    • +250 Mana
    • +60 Ability Power
    • +10 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
    • UNIQUE Passive – Insight: +(3% of Maximum Mana) Ability Power
    • UNIQUE Passive – Mana Charge: Each time you spend Mana, you gain 5 maximum Mana (3 second cooldown).
    • Bonus Mana: 0/750
    • Transforms into Seraph’s Embrace at 750 Bonus Mana
    Archangel’s staff has been similarly changed in line with the new wording and functionality, and has undergone similar cost / mana and trigger recalculations so it will fit better into our new item pricing paradigm.

    Archangel’s staff also has the Mana Charge passive to indicate that this passive doesn’t stack if you build a new Tear of the Goddess. However, with the Staff you gain Five mana whenever you spend mana, rather than Four mana. Upgrading to Archangel’s staff will thus increase your rate of gain on the Mana Charge.​

    You may also have noticed that there’s one curious line at the end of the tooltip.​

    If you think about it there’s no real reason why gold has to be the only way to upgrade an item. In the case of Archangel’s Staff we wanted to create an upgrade that flowed naturally from the usage and theme of the item. But if you already have 1000 Mana and 10 Mana Regen per 5, what possible upgrade could you want from Archangel’s Staff? Just what are you going to do with all that mana anyway when you’ve charged this item for 25 minutes of the game?​
    Seraph’s Embrace

    • (Upgraded from Archangel’s Staff when fully charged)
    • +1000 Mana
    • +60 Ability Power
    • +10 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
    • UNIQUE Passive – Insight: +(3% of Maximum Mana) Ability Power
    • UNIQUE Active: Drains 25% of your current mana to shield yourself for an equal amount for 2.5 seconds - 120 second cooldown.

  2. Twismyer

    Twismyer Well-Known Member

    Dat Shield. I might actually buy an archangels now.
  3. TimeCrush

    TimeCrush Achievement Hunter

    I cannot wait to see more items upgrade this way. I hope it actually becomes a regularly used mechanic.
  4. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Archangels will now be OP. Love it.
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