Mercenary voice!

Discussion in 'Sound' started by ItsameWario, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Howdy there TF2C mods! I was voicing the Merc for fun, and one pointed out he is the character of your game! I recorded all necessary lines for a TF2 characters! (321 lines -_0) and I got all them here if you want them!
  2. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    The Merc has a voice actor, sorry to break it to you....
    Benjamoose I believe it is
  3. MacD11

    MacD11 Not a Noob

    Stachekip is the Mercenary's voice actor.
  4. Nah, these have every line for a TF2 character. He only did the death sounds.
  5. Stachekip

    Stachekip Well-Known Member Staff Member TF2C Admin

    I only did the death screams/pain grunts for the public beta due to time constraints. Mercenary will have proper voicelines come the next update(some are already recorded and lip synced).
  6. Oh, ok. Kinda a shame really. Gave him an anger issue and a gruff voice, so much pain was had :p anyways, hope to hear your voice soon!
  7. makezack92

    makezack92 Noob

    i am extremly glad there is this much enthusiasm in this mod for the community to actually help voice the character im amazed.
  8. PartyDude

    PartyDude Noob

    Wario's voice acting is pretty good, I found him on a server once and he demo'd some of the lines.
  9. Oh, yeah! PartyDude, I remember you! Great to see you're down for community stuff!
  10. N04H89

    N04H89 Noob

    How do you get the voices to work?
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