Missing data for object 'OBJ_DISPENSER' in scripts/objects.txt

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by MaximusImpetus, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. So I wanted to give this a go a while back, and I ran into some hiccups. I tried again recently, and got it to work, but it needed an update, which I did. now it crashes after the opening cutscene. If I skip, it simply crashes, but if I let it sit, it gives me a error message, which is displayed in the title. I checked the file it mentioned, and I don't see anything out of place. any of you know what's up?

    Here's what it said.
    ClassName obj_dispenser
    StatusName "#TF_Object_Dispenser"
    BuildTime 20
    MaxObjects 1
    Cost 100
    CostMultiplier 1
    UpgradeCost 0
    MaxUpgradeLevel 0
    BuilderWeaponName "Dispenser"
    BuilderPlacementString "Place on ground"
    SelectionSlot 3
    SelectionPosition 1
    SapperAttachTime 0.0
    IconActive obj_dispenser
    IconInactive obj_dispenser
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