[Movement] Bunny hopping

Discussion in 'Other' started by _Q3, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. _Q3

    _Q3 Noob

    I haven't played the game yet (I run Linux), and wonder if there is bunny hopping. If there is effective bunny hopping in TF2C, then it should probably patched out. Except in DM.
    Bunny hopping is fun.
    Bunny hopping requries skill.
    Bunny hopping is classic, from Quake to CS:GO, the exploit has existed.
    Bunny hopping would work in DM because it wouldn't make any of the classes, like the scout, pointless.

    I think bhoping would make DM funner than it might already be.
  2. Habber

    Habber Noob

    I do believe you just posted the devs' train of thought, because DM mode lets you just hold space to bhop where you have to do it manually outside of DM.
  3. _Q3

    _Q3 Noob

    Oh, okay. Like I said, I haven't played the game. Thanks for telling me.So this is not a useful post.
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