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Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by Reechard, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Reechard

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    Hello All and Good Morning!

    Some of you may know that last month I found a mate for our Natascha server. I was browsing at a nerdy flea market and saw a front faceplate that was very familiar, and ended up bringing home a server of the same model and similar specs to the gameserver hosted at my parents' house. Because I was bored whilst waiting for Natascha to come back online, and because I recently upgraded my home internet to 105mbit (though it's still comcast, ew,) I decided to haul that box out of storage and set it up here. I installed virtualization software on it (VMWare) and now we have not only a new Linux machine for more source-engine and linux-compatible fun, but we now have a *WINDOWS* server, complete with all the benefits and headaches that entails.

    To inaugurate the new machine, we've set up a Terraria server for all to enjoy, as this was one of the Windows-Only servers we've considered in the past. I'll end up on it while not working, and hope to see you guys there.


    The terraria server is currently on using the default port of 20100.


  2. VintagePC

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    Don't worry, I'm fine. I was wearing a hazmat suit while I was setting up the windows part. :p
  3. Insanity

    Insanity Moderator of ALL the things VF4-A (Admin) Staff Member VF4 Supporter

    In the words of vintage "What is this's so....GUI." :p
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